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OTTER – The genius and versatile retention basins


  • No other retaining basin adapts its plan better
  • Operational within seconds
  • No annoying metallic parts
  • The most used emergency interventions basin
  • 11 different sizes available
  • Custom design possible


  • Each side wall can be folded out individually
  • Double layer bottom, triple layer side walls
  • Unfailing, rugged wall latching devices
  • Easy handling
  • 4 different sizes available


  • The only foldable IBC retention solution - to our knowledge
  • Provides security when transporting IBC containers
  • Space-saving
  • Can be used everywhere
  • Produced with stronger tarpaulin material
  • Can be handled by one person


Record-breaking world novelty

  • Each side wall can be pressed inside down to the floor
  • The walls rise back up by themselves
  • No side wall latching devices needed
  • No need of a device for securing the walls even when full
  • Lightweight, small storage dimensions
  • No basin is operational faster
  • 5 different sizes available


  • The lowest cost basin
  • Ideal for maintenance work by impending leak of liquid
  • To protect the soil


For the three applications:

A. Emergency-kit box, B. Retention-sump,